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Snow Lake Trek  is one of the most remote and pure nature adventures in the world

Rush Lake Trek is an easy trek for all type of trekkers. Rush Lake is the one of the world's highest alpine lakes

K2 base camp trek is the most popular trekking holiday for foreign trekkers that visit Pakistan. Including the classic K2 base camp trek.

Hunza Patundas trek is situated in the upper Hunza between the Batura glacier and Passu glacier at an altitude of 4170m

Hunza Batura Trek is a fascinating experience of an easy stroll along with a flower-strewn gully between the lateral moraine of Batura Glacier

Gondogoro La Trek is famous as from top of Gondogoro pass it offers breathtaking views of 8 thousand-meter peaks

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Chitral Valley tour is the most beautiful in Northern Pakistan. Well, seeing is believing, whether it’s a diverse culture, smiling people

honeymoon tour packages hunza

Hunza Honeymoon tour As we all know, Hunza Valley attracts foreigners and domestic tourists alike. Furthermore,

Hunza Autmn Tour brings with it a vibrant color palette as the hills and slopes are covered in leaves and snow

Hunza Spring Blossom Tour brings  cherry blossom, apricot blossom, apple, pears blossom, peaches blossom

Chilam Joshi festival is also known as Kalash spring festival. Chilam Joshi festival is held in three Kalash valleys

Uchal Festival Kalash is one of the top cultural festivals of Pakistan. Kalasha tribe celebrates many festivals around the year

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Broad Peak Expedition 2021 registration is open now for summer and winters. We are offering broad peak expedition with

K2 Expedition (8611m) is the second-highest mountain on Earth. It is located in the Karakorum segment of the Himalayan range

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